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Class Waitlist is an electronic process for adding students to full classes as openings occur.

How to Place Your Name on a Class Waitlist

  1. Obtain the four-digit ITEM number of the full class for which you want to be waitlisted. These numbers are available on the Class Schedule or under Class Waitlist Inquiry on the myBigfoot portal.
  2. At Web Registration, enter the four-digit ITEM number of the class for which you want to be waitlisted.

On the first day of the quarter, if you remain on a waitlist and are in one of the first five class waitlist positions, you are encouraged to attend the class that day and speak with the instructor about becoming enrolled. It is up to each individual instructor how to proceed with additional enrollment once classes begin.

Student Responsibilities - Class Waitlist:

Class Waitlist Policies:

Class Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I decide to add myself to a class waitlist?

How can I check my Class Waitlist status?

What should I do to make Class Waitlist work for me?

How will I know if Class Waitlist registers me into my class?

How often do I need to check my Class Waitlist status?

When is tuition due?

How do I remove myself from a class waitlist?

What if I haven't gotten into the class I wanted from the waitlist prior to the start of the quarter?

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