Class Waitlist Registration and Inquiry

Follow this link to find out how class waitlists work and what your responsibilities are once you are on a class waitlist.

To get on a class waitlist, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the four-digit ITEM number (necessary to complete Web registration) of the full class for which you want to be waitlisted.
    » Spring 2012 Class Waitlist ITEM Numbers
  2. Follow this link to Web Registration for class waitlists.
  3. At Web Registration, enter your SID, PIN and the four-digit ITEM number of the class for which you want to be waitlisted.

Display Your Individual Class Waitlist Information

Type your Student Identification Number (SID).
Type your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
Select the quarter.


If you do not know your Student ID (SID) and/or PIN, see About SIDs and PINs for more information.

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