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Unofficial Transcript (Grades)

Student ID: 
Student PIN: 

If you do not know your Student ID (SID) and/or PIN, please see About SIDs and PINs for more information.

If you have completed your program, please take our graduate survey.

Have you updated your contact information? Please check your address information to make sure SCC has your correct mailing and email addresses.

Note: You can also request a copy of your official transcript. For more information about obtaining transcripts, please visit

New: Grade mailers (report cards) are no longer mailed. Quarterly grades are posted to transcripts and available approximately one week after the end of each quarter.

Grade Legend:
Grades are reported in numerical fractions to the nearest tenth. The numerical grades are based on the letter grade system used prior to the 1986-87 academic year, and general equivalents are as follows:

Numeric Grade Letter Grade Equivalent
3.8-4.0 A (superior achievement)
3.5-3.7 A-
3.2-3.4 B+
2.9-3.1 B (above average achievement)
2.6-2.8 B-
2.3-2.5 C+
2.0-2.2 C (average achievement)
1.6-1.9 C-
1.3-1.5 D+
1.0-1.2 D (minimum achievement)
Less than 1.0 F (failure)

Grade Symbols:
For information on the conditions for which grade symbols are assigned, refer to the CCS Catalog under Student Services, Academic Information.

Grade Symbol Explanation
I Incomplete
N Audit
P Pass
F Fail
W Official Withdrawal
Z Special Withdrawal
* Missing Grade

Please note: This service is available as follows:

Mon.-Fri.: From 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM
From 6:00 AM Sat. to 9:00 PM Mon.

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